About Us

Mario Marku

Mario is the President of Royal Construction with a wealth of knowledge in painting, construction, repairs, customization, planning, design and more.  He excels at customer service, customer relations and understanding the customer’s needs.  One of his mottoes is if the customer is not happy then he is not happy.  Lets us show you the difference in what a quality construction company brings with peace of mind, professionalism and YOU as the center of attention.  You have a choice when it comes to a contractor, why not select the best for your next project.

Construction projects do cause stress and uncertainty for the owner.  It is natural because it is new and unknown.  Let Mario walk the path with you during your construction needs to help guide and calm you every step of the way.  With strong relationships, information sharing and guidance the stress and uncertainty will go away.

Douglas Herring

Doug is VP of construction for Royal Construction.  He has over 20 years of experience in the construction industry.  Doug has vast experience and a wealth of knowledge in the construction business which has allowed Royal to become the company they are today.       

Charles “Irish” Smith

Charles is the Project Manager for Royal Construction.  Seeing all types of construction projects from residential to commercial, big and small there is pretty much no experience he has not encountered.  His versatile experience, knowledge of the industry and ability to manage many complex projects at one time make him an invaluable asset for any construction project.           

Ana Obregon

Ana is the Office Manager.  Taking care of ALL office functions from the start of a project to ensuring every aspect of the project from the back office standpoint runs smoothly.       


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